Report A Landmark Tree !

Our definition of a "Landmark Tree" is one that that rises above its peers in terms of wood volume and/or height and it would be easily recognizeable from a great distance if it grew it in an open area. Total wood volume, overall height and crown size are the regarded as the most important criteria for a tree making "Landmark" status. A tree with a large base but a slender upper trunk would not necessarily qualify unless it was one of the tallest of it kind. In times past and present, "Landmark Trees" have been used for navigation by humans, insects such as bees and also birds.

This website focuses primarily on exceptional tree species, i.e. ones that historically or presently have been documented to be over 80m (262.5 ft) in height and/or over 5000 ft of wood volume. A "Landmark Tree" is not necessarily limited to the species listed on this website. Reports should ideally include.

		1: photograph of tree with a person or object of known size in photograph
		2: total height of tree in meters or feet, whether dead or alive
		3: breast height diameter and/or circumference in meters or feet.
		6: volume of tree measured in units of m or ft
		5: A GPS location ideally and directions on how to find the "Landmark Tree" 
		6: contact information such as email or phone number. 
(volume, GPS & height data are optional but this will speed up verification process) "Landmark Tree" reports will be investigated as our resources permit and if found to be authentic they will be posted on this website along with credit given to discoverer(s) unless the nominator wishes to remain anonymous.

To report a "Landmark Tree" in the Northern hemishpere please contact:

Michael Taylor - redwood370(at)

To report a "Landmark Tree" in the Southern hemishpere please contact:

Brett Mifsud - bmifsud(at)

Note: The "@" symbol was replaced with "(at)" to thwart spammers. If you cut and paste the email, please remember to change the "(at)" with an "@" Thank you for reporting a "Landmark Tree" or for your questions or comments.