Tallest Sitka Spruce

(Picea sitchensis)

Diameters are taken at breast height (4.5 feet or 1.37 meters) above tree’s average ground level. Heights are determined by the vertical distance from the top of tree, living or dead, to the average ground level of tree. Height measurements were obtained with either climber deployed tapeline or tripod mounted Impulse 200 LR laser range finder. Accuracy is (+,-) 2 inches (.025 meters) or better unless stated as preliminary in which case the accuratcy is generally (+,-) 1 foot. Most trees discovered and/or with data collected and provided by Steve Sillett, Chris Atkins, Ron Hildebrant, Mario Vaden and Michael Taylor.

---Height--- --Diameter-- ---Name, Location, Notes----

(feet) (meters) (feet) (meters) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 317.19 96.68 N/A N/A Raven's Tower. Praire Creek Redwoods State Park. Discovered By Chris Atkins-Taylor. Measured with tapeline by Steve Sillett. 315.58 96.12 N/A N/A Daisy Spruce. Discovered by Atkins-Taylor. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. 314.37 95.82 8.2 2.49 Salmonberry Spruce, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. 314.0 95.7 12.0 3.66 Carmanah Giant. Top now dead. Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park, located along the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, 20 kms northwest of Port Renfrew, BC 312.9 95.4 NA N/A Albatross Spruce, Godwood Creek. Near Godwood Creek Giant, tallest redwood of the watershed. Discovered by Chris Atkins 310.0 94.5 5.5 1.67 Olive Oyl Spruce. Above Worn Grove on hillside. 308.0 94.4 8.0 2.44 Clintonia Spruce. In gully 300 feet North of James Irvine trail past Clintonia junction. Large solitary tree. Hilddebrant Reports this tree fell in Windter 1997 storms. 308.0 93.9 8.5 2.59 Ossagon Spruce. Near Ossagon Road Entrance At Prairie Creek. West side of creek. Big Tree. 307.0 93.6 7.0 2.13 Near James Irvine Giant. Large mossy trunk. Trail now closed to public. Discovered by Hildrebrant 307.0 93.6 N/A N/A Two Towers. Godwood Creek. Climbed and measured by tapeline by Steve Sillett. 306.5 93.4 N/A N/A Missle Spruce#3, Prairie Creek, 400 feet upstream from Ossagon Spruce, same side of creek. Height verified by Van Pelt/Sillett. 302.0 92.0 7.0 2.13 Unnamed. Near Olive Oyl Spruce. 302.0 92.0 N/A N/A McArthur Creek. About 500 feet above horse trail bridge, West side of creek. Handheld laser measurement. Preliminary. Top is dead. 302.0 91.7 N/A N/A Godwood Spruce, Prairie Creek, near Godwood Creek Giant. 300.0 91.4 N/A N/A Fernbranch Spruce. Near Raven's Tower. 300.0 91.4 N/A N/A Missle Spruce#1. Just upstream from Drury lookout. Large tree. 300.0 91.4 N/A N/A Missle Spruce#2. Near Missle Spruce#1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Note: This list is very imcomplete. Please help improve this archive by reporting "Landmark Trees"