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A new 80m club member

Arborist Discovers World's Tallest Hemlock. Shatters previous record by 23 feet !

Mario Vaden has discovered the tallest Western Hemlock on Earth while walking alone in a previously unexplored region of coastal redwoods forest between Orick and Crescent City. The height of this western hemlock( Tsuga heterophylla ) has been verified at 82.9 meters (272.0 feet) conservatively by both Steve Sillett and myself on separate occasions using the Impulse 200 LR. This would shatter the previous record in Prairie Creek Redwoods which is 76 meters (249 feet). Mario showed Steve the tree the day he discovered it and then he showed me the tree the following day and I measured it with the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Group. It stands in a well protected area. There is no sign of any nurse log associated with this specimen. The Dbh is approximately 6' above the root flare. Mario's website has more information on this amazing discovery. This makes 8 trees confirmed alive or dead taller than 80 meters (263') in the United States Australia/Tasmania now has 6 confirmed 80m+ trees. For 2011, United States has captured the lead for largest # of confirmed 80m+ (263') tree species.

Mario's website is


Landmarktrees was in the news recently

New Oregon state AFA champion ponderosa located near height champion.

KOBI Ch-5 Medford Oregon Newscast About New World's Tallest Ponderosa - Part One

KOBI Ch-5 Medford Oregon Newscast About New World's Tallest Ponderosa - Part Two

Mail Tribune Article About Discovery of World's Tallest Pine Tree

Mail Tribune Article About Archiving Specimen Tree DNA

I searched the "big basin" area again with Frank Callahan and KOBI channel-5 News reporter Joe Camarlinghi for more tall and large pines. We did not find anything taller than the 268.35' specimen but we did find a 7' dbh ponderosa that was 257' tall and had a crown spread of 48'. This tree was clearly once much taller. It has a big broken top. It scores 529.3 AFA points making it tne new Oregon state AFA champion ponderosa pine, variant is pacifica A.K.A. benthamiana. "Big Red", the 9.1' dbh giant that grows in central oregon at La Pine State Park score about AFA 519 points. It scores less mostly due to being rather short. A video of this new champion can be seen in the KOBI5 newscast which is the 1st link.


Tallest Ponderosa Pine Re-measured At 81.79 meters (268.35 feet)

New World's Tallest Known Pine Tree

Mario Vaden & I returned to the "Basin" in Siskyou National Forest in SW Oregon. We re-measured the tallest ponderosa pine discovered on 1/3/2011 with a tripod mounted Impulse 200LR forestry laser & remote trigger for extra stability. We came up with a figure very close to our preliminary of 1/3/2011. The new figure is 81.79m (268.35 ft). This would be the 2nd tallest pine ever recorded. I am confident a climber deployed tapline would come within inches of this measurement. Mario and I were also able to locate 4 addtional ponderosa taller than the previous record holder, the "Big Pine Tree", which currently stands 76.9m (252.3ft). The tallest of these was a large diameter pine as well with a slow tapering & columnar trunk of 1.86m (6.1 ft) dbh. It stands at least 81.1m tall (266.0 ft) and has a large multi-leader broad top. Its roots tap a creek. On the same day, we measured the tallest known living sugar pine in Umpqua National Forest. We are happy to report the tree is alive and well despite it being girdled 10 years ago. Its top appears healthy and going upwards like a rocket. The tree is quite girthy as well, about 2.34m (7.7 ft) dbh. This tree is now the tallest known sugar pine. We searched the general area and it appears most of the big old pines (those over 7' dbh) are dead or dying.


Ponderosa Pine Measured At 81.69 meters (268 feet)

New World's Tallest Known Pine Tree

On 1/3/2011, Mario Vaden & I checked out a well watered basin in Siskyou National Forest in SW Oregon. We encounted many tall ponderosa pines that day, including one I conservatively place at 81.7 meters (268 feet). We measured another nearby at 79.9 meters (262 feet). I used an Impulse 200LR laser to measure the tree. Accuracy should be considered (+.-) 1 ft (.3m) due to the deep snow around the tree's base and the laser unit was hand held. I did not have a snow shovel for a proper ground level survey, however I used a stick probe to estimate ground level. If anything, my ground level estimate was on the high side. I plan to return to the area soon with Mario to re-measure the tree with a Tripod mounted Impulse 200LR. Perhaps there is a taller ponderosa in the basin ?


Even Taller Live Top Douglas Fir Of Oregon Confirmed

I recently explored the coast ranges of Coos County with more friends. We located a 96.70m (317.5') live top douglas fir. It's diameter is 8.5' at breast height. Nearby is another very large douglas fir with a nice live top at 95.7m (314'). It's diameter was just shy of 3.2m (10ft) dbh on the high side.